Our signature line of wayfarers - For the wanderer in you!

This summer we’ve decided to further step up our game and add a special ‘Maybe Sunny’ twist to a classic - the Wayfarer! We proudly present to you our hella fresh range of Wayfarers that will amp up your cool quotient this summer, while providing your eyes complete protection from the sun.

Before we delve into each individual pair of sunglasses, we wanna tell you a little bit about what we do. Maybe Sunny makes biodegradable, eco-friendly and polarized sunglasses that provide complete protection from the sun’s harmful rays. We started out with not much except a big vision and passion to offer sunglasses that combine style, comfort and protection with eco-responsibility, and not much later here we are creating waves in the industry and on our customers’ social media accounts. We’ve been hearing nothing but positive reviews and word has been catching on as we strengthen our resolve to revolutionize the sunglasses industry. Our customers especially love the fact that our sunglasses are handmade, one-of-a-kind and unique, since the wood grain varies from pair to pair.

All our products are durable and light-weight. Our high-end stainless steel spring hinges retain their shape use after use. The lenses are specially crafted to give your eyes 100% UVA/UVB protection and the polarization ensures optimal vision even on the brightest day.

Each pair comes with a beautifully crafted bamboo case, microfibre cleaning cloth, and a soft bag.

Now coming to our Summer Wayfarer collection, here are the four products that you can pick from (or better yet - pick all four!): 


Cork wayfarer Sunglasses

Cork is biodegradable, fire retardant and lightweight. Best of all removing cork from trees does not kill the tree. And what’s more? It looks pretty, damn cool when styled into a pair of sunglasses.

The Brandinchi cork wayfarers have a full cork plus wood frame that makes them really stand out from the rest of our products.


Bamboo Skateboard Sunglasses

Bamboo is a great material for sunglasses since it is light and can float in water because of its porous nature. The neutral, woody tones complement any skin tone and make you the center of attention instead of stealing away the focus!

The Hyams skateboard wayfarer sunglasses have a full bamboo frame and like all our wayfarers, they come in a variety of lens shades. The beautiful walnut finish makes them a versatile pair of shades.

Ao Ton Sai

Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Known for its laid back hippie vibe, Ton Sai Beach is a chilled out beach on the gorgeous shores of Thailand, cradled by the surrounding rocky cliffs. Imagine yourself watching the sunset while sipping on a chilled beer. That is the exact vibe that these sunglasses exude!  

Made out of bamboo, the Ao Ton Sai is your perfect accessory for a trip to the beach or an adventure through the great outdoors.

So this summer, go green and look effortlessly cool without being overstated, with any of our contenders!


What are they saying?

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"I love the packaging, I love the make, it's very stylish." 
- Shandi R.


"These are so cool, the cork sunglasses are just amazing. I love the case, it's very unique and very light and comfortable!"
- Todd R.


"These are very nice sunglasses. I love how comfortable they are. They are a perfect fit!"
- Brandi L.


"Oh my god they're so light! Wow, it's so clear... it looks like someone just dimmed the light outside. Wow! I love that they polarized... this is amazing. Oh my god... I can't believe they are so light!"

- Olga S.


Shipping Policy

2 + 1 week or money back

We take pride in making sure our product's are delivered as quickly as possible to  our customers for Free across the continent of North America. Our biggest challenge is in making sure the product is finished on time and with the highest quality possible, that takes time and effort as each pair is hand made.

We do not expect our customer's to wait and wonder about deliver schedule, so we aim for a 2 week delivery window and an additional grace period of 1 week. After 3 weeks of non-delivery of product the order is automatically cancelled and the money returned.